VersaPro Sunless Spray Tan Booth

Introducing VersaPro™ Heated Sunless Spa Series™

Sunless, Inc.’s latest breakthrough in heated sunless spray tanning. Experience ultimate comfort with VersaPro’s heated environment and a perfectly applied tan every time with our latest advancements in application and height sensor technology. Choose from 4 levels of color and multiple skin care treatments to customize your spray tanning

Heated Sunless Tanning

Heated environment with warm air spray and air drying with each pass.


All your pre-sunless and post-sunless tips and before and after care. We have all your answers in getting and maintaining your beautiful sunless tan.

3/4 Enclosed, Open-Air Design.

A private yet open-air Sunless Spa design. With VersaPro™ you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.

4 Levels of Color & Multiple Skin Care Treatments.

Never-ending customization. Easily customize your experience and choose from 4 levels of color from a light glow to ultra dark, plus a pre-tan pH balancing treatment, and a post-tan super-moisturizing treatment.

Pre-Tan pH Balancing Treatment Application

• Formulated with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, Avocado Oil, and Anti-Aging ingredients
• Hydrates and balances pH levels for perfectly conditioned skin prior to the tanning application
• Ensures flawless results for all skin types and tones

Touch Screen Video Instructions.

Easily review your session details, spray tan positions and pre and post-tan instructions all on the integrated touch screen display.

Choose from 4 levels of color from light, medium, dark, and ultra dark

• Hydrates and nourishes skin during your session
• Clear formulation goes on clear without instant cosmetic color
• Great for all skin types and tones

Post-Tan Super Moisturizing Treatment

• Locks in color and enhances and extends the life of your tan
• Ensures flawless results for all skin types and toness

Height Sensor Technology.

VersaPro™ accurately targets the areas you want to tan with its auto height sensor allowing you to choose from full body applications, as well as just face or just legs applications.

Step-by-Step Audio Instructions.

Never miss a step. Experience fully automated step-by-step audio instructions throughout the entire tanning process.

Club Soleil Tanning Cocktail


Are you looking for the ultimate tan? Tan in our Diamond Level high pressure equipment followed by a VersaPro sunless spray tan. The perfect combination to a perfect tan.